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Older Students Teaching the Younger Ones

To start the year, a couple of our classes had special projects to reinforce basic vocabulary and also give instructions and use English in an authentic way during special activities with their younger peers. 9th graders prepared paper dolls and “Guess Who” games to help teach first graders clothing vocabulary, and 12th grade students prepared children’s poetry to share with some 3rd and 4th grade classes. Enjoy the pictures and resource links below!

To learn more about poetry for Children, we used some wonderful resources from the website of acclaimed North American children’s poet Shel Silverstein, check it out!


last friday the sport had lost one of the biggest sports legend of all time, the famous boxer Muhammad Ali died in a hospital in Phoenix when he was 74 years by a septic shock, the causes of this shock are naturals but don´t specific yet. some politics, like Barack Obama and David Cameron, and athletes, like Michael Jordan and Lebron James gave their condolences to the boxer .

Muhammad Ali had a special life winning against boxers like Sonny Liston, Ken Norton, Henry Cooper, Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier and many others. However one of his most famous fights was the called FIGHT OF THE CENTURY where he fight against George Foreman in 1974 and the winner was Muhammad Ali. The president of the United States gave him the presidencial medal of freedom.

He participate in the Olympics Games winning golden medal in Rome 1960 and holding the olympic torch during the opening ceremony of London 2012. Everybody in the United States and around the world are sorry for the death of Muhammad Ali.


Anniversiary of Nuclear Explosion in Chernobyl

Today is the 30th anniversary of the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl, the worst nuclear disaster in history. This nuclear explosion was in 1986 and it is believed that it was caused by the malfunction of this machine and the negligence of workers. This town is now abandoned because it is very dangerous (the radiation is very strong). This radiation causes malformations and possible deaths (if you are exposed).  This town is located 3 km from the city Prypiart, the Ucrania today. The people who had been in this explosion , never measured the damage and the consequences that would bring this up today.



A New Central Park?

The famous Central Park in New York is the lung of the city, an urban park that gives peace of mind to people in one of the busiest cities in the world . But now it is intended to be deeper and rescue its natural beauty. The Designers who are promoting an innovative idea are Titan Sun and Wu are Jianshi. They want the sink to the bedrock of the park, and create a structure of 300 meters, with a depth of 30 meters and a total area of ​​11 kilometers, which is 80 times longer than the Empire State Building.


For a rainy day:

So far in April we have had to endure rain and thunder, but the worst is not come yet! This week is forecasted thunderstorm. But the HUB is ready and prepared. Here we leave you some curious facts about the rain and the storm, because rain can also be fun!

1. Lightning has enough energy to toast 100,000 bread.

2. You less wet walking under the rain that running under it.

3. The raindrops have no way to tears as believed

4. The smell of rain is caused by the impact of falling drops. These release different “aerosols”. It release bacteria and viruses too.

Be careful with the rain! And start looking it with different eyes, because rain can also be fun!!





Angry dog enters the school

last friday in the second recess while the preeschoolers and kids garden students were took, a pitbull scape from its owner and entered to the school running  everywhere , several kids fright and scream because that dog specie is know for its killer bit. the situation calms when the inspectors take out the dog from the school and took it back to its owner .

in the school also some students want to leave the school because of the menace of that pitbull screaming:¡ Dog, Menace, We will go home!. everybody was frightened of the dog in the first time but after the bell ring the students went to the classroom and still scared, the fear was forgotten in the 3rd recess.

Other incidents happened in the school like the scape and “attack” of the 12th grade students, hill burning, snow and many others. however this dog incident was nothing compare with other years incident and always we must be careful and prepared to this unexpected incidents in the school.


This week we have witnessed a “week of football.” This corresponds to the struggle to qualify for the Fifa World cup 2018 in Russia.  The teams that compete at this stage are only South American. This week there have been matches like Brazil v/s Uruguay that it is finished in a tie (2-2). Another good match was Peru v/s Venezuela that finished with the same score.Today, 29 of March, a very important match to us was played!! But Why?… Because, Chile plays v/s Venezuela. Our team lost to Argentina 2-1.Today other 4 countries play too. The football matches are: Colombia v/s Ecuador and Uruguay v/s Peru.We hope that Chile wins this stage, to be closer and closer to Russia 2018.


English Day Was Moved!

Our expected English Day that was taking place last Thursday 24th of September, was change because of the bad weather that we got that day. Unfortunately, it was moved to the next 9th of November so now we need to wait a lot longer to enjoy it.

In my opinion, it is a sad that the English Day was moved because everyone was expecting it but in the other hand, if this change allows it to be better, it is also necessary.