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2019 English Day – Important notice

Due to the difficult moment Chile is going through, the 2019 English Day is canceled until further notice. We have been working hard to find the best solutions and make sure all the effort the students have put on so far can be appreciated and shared with our school community.

Debido al momento difícil por lo cual está pasando Chile, el 2019 English Day está suspenso hasta segunda orden. Estamos trabajando para encontrar las mejores soluciones y garantizar que todo el esfuerzo que nuestros alumnos han dedicado a la preparación de este evento pueda ser valorada y compartida junto a nuestra comunidad escolar.

2019 English Day: Set Sail!

We have already set sail for our amazing 2019 English Day journey. Check the English Day Page for updates and join the activities.  You can find all the information you need, such as:

English Day 2017

Congratulations to Canada for winning the third English Day! We had an amazing day with songs, food, games, presentations, trivia, and various all-new activities for students in every grade. Thanks to all our English Teachers, special guests, and volunteers from 11th and 12th grade.

On Thursday, we had a parties during recess to recognize the winners of the many contests, like best stand, best poster, and best food from each country. Congratulations to those students!


Please enjoy the pictures, and if you have more pictures you want to show off here, send them to us at!

New for 2017: International Party on Fridays

Each year, classes are assigned to different English-speaking countries to learn more about different parts of the world. This year, students from 1st through 6th grade who visit the Hub during the third recess can earn points for their English Day country by playing board games, watching movies and TV shows, reading books, and more. The country with the most points at the end of the week is invited to a special party during Friday’s recess! Students who have exemplary participation in their English class may also receive an invitation from their teacher.

Want to see how your country is doing? Come to the Hub and look at the beads in the jars! To know which country you represent, see the chart below. Note that these are the countries for English Day 2017, so you should start learning as much as you can about your country now!

Stay tuned in the future for opportunities for students in 7th grade and above to compete and represent their countries with special recess activities.

english day 2017 assignments

(Click on the chart to enlarge the image if you have difficulty reading it.)


As is common, in december will be the Final Party show where students of all grades will participate during a musical. the show is a tradition of the school to start summer vacations and say goodbye to the last year. The show has been some famous movies or plays like DISNEY CLASSICS, GREASE, LA PERGOLA DE LAS FLORES, etc…

But this year will be the turn of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, the classic story of the austrian novice who went to the mansion of a captain who is widower with seven children to take care of them. In the story there was some problems like the baroness, the funny uncle and of course the nazi german invasion to Austria.

The theater team will do a casting to everyone who want to be part of the staff( principal roles). Probably the elementary students theater will be include in the official cast but that is not  really at all. The casting will be tomorrow in the theater, the dialogue is published on the school page. The songs this time will not be translated as the previous years, will be still in english.



5th Graders “Mystery Skype” Students from the USA

Students in Miss Marcela’s 5th grade class participated in a “Mystery Skype” last Monday. This is a critical thinking game in which students must ask other students from another school in a mystery location around the world Yes or No questions  to discover where they are. It took our students many questions but eventually they guessed correctly–our new friends we met over Skype were in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in the United States!

Check out some of the pictures from this great activity below!