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The Game of the Week: Fast English

This is a game that is to easy  to learn English because it is simply that they give you time to choose a thing, animal, person or job that one can choose. It helps a lot because as it is with time, one is memorizing and it is recorded and you will never forget what you chose. For example the categories that one can choose are food, animals, clothes, body, sports, jobs, computer, colors, nature, garden, letters, numbers, hospital, kitchen, transport, city. When you choose one of these categories in the game they give you a word and they give you options in images and you have to choose the corresponding image.

To play the game, click here.

Mystery Animal Speaking Game

Are you sad you won’t have anyone to speak English with during the summer?

Well, artificial intelligence programmers working with Google have one activity you might enjoy! This game invites you to play 20 questions with a computer, where the computer pretends to be an animal, and you ask it yes or no questions until you discover its identity. Just click the purple microphone at the bottom to ask the questions. Can you win?


This game is very entertaining to be able to play it with friends, it is that each has 2 opportunities to be able to throw 10 pines, in the game you have 5 turns to achieve the maximum score, in real life you have 10 turns. This game to improve your motor skills because here you have to occupy strength, agility and coordination.

In United states this game is found in many cities and where they play they do it with a league, then each team that wants to play and gets into the league and plays against the others and the one who wins the league wins a cup.

If you make the best score of the week you can earn some points for your country.



This game is about that you have 20 cards turned around and you can not see what they say, and you have to go by turning two cards to find your partner, in 10 cards say the name of the sport and in the other 10 is the Drawing and you have to find the name and drawing of the sport. This game is about having to have a good memory to remenber where the pair of the card you turned.
Is is very entertaining this game so play it when you are bored.
GOOd LUCK!!!!!


This game is about you have a word in clutter and you have to guess which is the correct word, In this game you have different modes like for example you can choose which category you want to guess, how many minutes you have to be able to respond and what level can the game be.

This game is very entertaining when they are alone, you can go to the link below and you can play it whenever you want.  If you can solve all the levels or categories of this game you can earn some points for your country.

Pac Man

This game is a classic, where previous years they played it all the time.
 It is about that you have a yellow ball and you have to eat the points that are in all the game, but this is difficult because you can eat a few octopuses of colors. You have to escape from those and the only way to save yourself from them is when you grab a bonus and then you can eat them and send it back to the jail.
When you play this game yo can see what your parents did when they were boys.
Good luck!!!!


This game is about that you are in the Olympic games and you play the test of 100 meters flat, here you can show your motor skills and your reaction abilities. In this game you will be able to simulate how Usain Bolt runs and see how it runs like lightning.
This game is about which parts run in the easiest tracks with slow runners and every time you win, you are going to go up category, until you reach the Olympic games and if you manage to conquer that level, you will be able to race against the aliens in The space, that is the most difficult level and only the best runners will be able to play this level.
 So come and play and try to reach the highest level, good luck.

Penalty cup

This game of the week I chose it because today June 9 plays Chile vs Russia, this match is friendly but it is a preparation for the Confederations Cup. This game is about soccer and you have to first choose the equipment and games you are going to see in which group you play.
In this game is overpriced and you have to see how you get a goal, here ypu have to see fot which side throw the ball, see heigt and power.
This game is very entertaining, so I invite you to play it today and if you play and win, Chile will have a chance to win the match against Russia.


This game is very entertaining, because in addition to the concentration you need you have to see the ability to see the distance that is the player with the basketball hoop.
This game we put it because in the USA are playing "The Finals" of the nba, yesterday was playes the first game and in this game you can choose the shirts of the two teams taht are playing and this game every time you advance in levels is getting more difficult, so come and play it right now.
With this game you are going to entertain a lot when you are bored because it is one of the best basketball games there is, since you do not just play on the court.


Uno: 4colors

This card game is very entertaining, where you can play with the computer in pairs, in trios or to four.
This game is about you have 7 cards and you have to get rid of all to win, the cards have 4 colors and they are all numbers and with that you have to play.
You have to put the same color of the letter or the same number to put it in the middle.
Also this game has cards that are to change the color, that the opponent steals 2 or that steals 4 and you can change the color, the other is that you can not play and he last is that you change the sense of the game.

Luck playing and having fun!!!!!