The English Experience Hub is a unique resource center designed to immerse students in the English language and enhance their learning in any subject. Students can have any class–from Math to History– in the Hub, as well as visit during recess.

looking upThe center is equipped with 32 computers (half laptops), rolling dividers, projectors, hi-definition TV´s, cable access, WiFi, flexible furniture for various configurations, and games, books, and more. Mr. Joseph VanderZee, a Social Studies teacher from the United States, is the full-time facilitator of the center.vanderzee1

Our pilot activities began in September 2014, and in our first fully operational school year we had over 1000 hours of classes take place in the Hub! See more about our 2015 statistics here.

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See more pictures from the center’s 2014 dedication here.

Contact us at englishexperiencehub@gmail.com.

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