Dear England…

Our 2nd grade students have been participating in the second part of our UK – Chile partnership project.

This activity involved students writing a letter to the pupils in England telling them about themselves with details such as where they live, their favourite food and their favourite hobbies.

Our 2nd grade students worked really hard on their letters in class and then came to the HUB to finish their final draft and to ‘post’ the letters in our very own HUB Postbox! The letters were really beautiful, many students coloured and decorated their work.

Well done 2nd grade for your hard work and for the lovely letters you wrote. 


We are really happy to be posting the second edition of our English Hub Magazine.

A small team of students from different grades has collaborated on this project, bringing content such as recipes, reviews, travel recommendations and creative writing.

We hope you enjoy this September edition and if you would like to get involved in the next edition, please send an email to or speak to Miss Melanie.

HUB Magazine, Edition 2 by English Experience Hub

It’s all fun and games!

It’s been great to see students making the most of the activities on offer in the HUB during break time. Students have the chance to play board games, do colouring or activity sheets, watch a film or series in English, read a book or just come in and chat.

We have a range of games at the HUB that are available for students to come and play during break. There are group games, games to play in pairs and also individual games.

Some of our most popular games.

There are also activity and colouring sheets where students can practice some basic vocabulary such as food, places and animals and do activities like wordsearches and anagrams.

Activity and colouring sheets

There is currently a schedule due to the limited capacity we have (Covid protocol) so students can check the schedule at the entrance to the HUB to see which break their grade can come to the HUB.

Feel free to drop by the HUB for a Spot It Challenge!

HUB Media Projects

Hey everyone! At the Hub we are looking for more students to get involved with our media projects in the second semester. You can find more information below.


We are about to start on the preparation of the second edition of our English Hub Magazine and we are looking for more students to participate.

You can work on articles, interviews, reviews, recipes, whatever you would like to write about, we would love to hear from you.


If you would like to contribute to our social media team, get in touch! You can join the team in the creation and posting of content on our HUB Instagram page.


If you would like to participate in the Magazine or Social Media Team or would like more information, please come to the HUB at break to speak directly to Miss Melanie or you can send an email to 


We are really excited to launch the first edition of our new HUB magazine!

A small team of students from different grades have been working on the material.

We hope you enjoy reading it and if you would like to get involved in the next edition, please send an email to or speak to Miss Melanie.

HUB Magazine, Edition 1 by English Experience Hub

UK – Chile School Partnership.

Last week we had a really fun activity with our first grade students. It was part of a new project that we have launched in the HUB to connect our students with pupils in a school in the UK. The idea is to give our students the opportunity to learn through interaction and cultural exchange. Students will be able to develop and put into practice their English communication skills and explore the world through the partnership. 

In this first encounter, students had the chance to connect with a class in England via video call. The session was focused on getting to know each other and the students played an animal guessing game and also asked and answered questions in English to get to know a bit more about the children from the other country. Students from both countries enjoyed the activity and everyone participated really well!

Some of our first grade students participating in the video call.

English Experience Hub Student Projects

Hey everyone!

I am really excited to invite you to participate in 2 new English Hub projects that we are starting this year. Below you can read more details about what the projects are and how you can get involved.

English Newspaper

We will be creating an English newspaper with articles on a range of different topics. If there is something you would like to write about then we would love to hear from you! 

There will be different sections such as sport, travel and interviews and there may also be different roles such as writers, editors, photographers etc. 

Social Media Team

We are going to build a HUB social media team where you can get involved with posts, blogs, competitions and challenges on our social media platforms and the HUB website. 

If you would like to know more about these projects or would like to be part of the team, then please send an email to Miss Melanie at