Mystery Animal Speaking Game

Are you sad you won’t have anyone to speak English with during the summer?

Well, artificial intelligence programmers working with Google have one activity you might enjoy! This game invites you to play 20 questions with a computer, where the computer pretends to be an animal, and you ask it yes or no questions until you discover its identity. Just click the purple microphone at the bottom to ask the questions. Can you win?

English Day 2017

Congratulations to Canada for winning the third English Day! We had an amazing day with songs, food, games, presentations, trivia, and various all-new activities for students in every grade. Thanks to all our English Teachers, special guests, and volunteers from 11th and 12th grade.

On Thursday, we had a parties during recess to recognize the winners of the many contests, like best stand, best poster, and best food from each country. Congratulations to those students!


Please enjoy the pictures, and if you have more pictures you want to show off here, send them to us at!


Throughout the cinema history, there were some movies considered nowadays as great classic movies of all time, that´s because this films were a great success in many medias and the critics beloved these revolutionary projects since the beginning of the 20th century, here come classic as The Wizard of Oz, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Casablanca and many others. but today the movie to talk is the 1977 space classic STAR WARS, directed by George Lucas and music composed by John Williams.

The plot is the following: in an age of civil war in space between the rebel alliance and the galactic empire, a young senator of the planet Alderaan named Princess Leia Organa is captured by the evil Darth Vader, but before Leia put and important transmission in the droid R2-D2, the plans of the Death Star which is a destructive space station. R2-D2 is ordered to find the old jedi master Obi Wan Kenobi and give him the message of Leia. However the droid with C-3PO is bought by the young farmer Luke Skywalker who wants to know his father and exit from the farm in Tatouine, after some situations Luke decide to bring the plans to Obi Wan and go to Alderaan to save the Reble alliance, also he wants to learn about the Force, to go to save the rebels they use the help of Han Solo and Chewbacca, but the problem is that they need to be quick to avoid the end of the alliance and the Princess Leia.

This movie was a great success in critics as in box office winning many awards in the Oscars such as Best Art Director, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, Best Sound and Best Visual Effects. Besides this movie became a great franchise in media like books, toys, tv series, comics, including seven sequels and spin off in the nexts years, this movie is considered from 8 age onwards because tell a story of magnificent and don´t show bloody scenes. So what are you waiting for, let´s go to join the rebel alliance and fight the evil galactic empire along with Luke Skywalker and company, and always need to remember this thing


Fun Facts About Halloween

Halloween is coming in one more month so i wanted to give you a few fun facts about it.

  1. Originally, you had to dance for your “treat.”

2. Halloween is more Irish than St. Patrick’s Day.

3. In a few American towns, Halloween was originally referred to as “Cabbage Night.”

4. Studies have shown that Halloween actually makes kids act more evil.

5. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.

6. The word “witch” comes from the Old English wicce, meaning “wise woman.” In fact, wiccanwere highly respected people at one time.

7. According to popular belief, witches held one of their two main meetings, or sabbats, on Halloween night.

8. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

9. According to tradition, if a person wears his or her clothes inside out and then walks backwards on Halloween, he or she will see a witch at midnight.

10. It’s believed that Halloween has been around for 6000 years.

11. The word Halloween is an abbreviated version of the phrases All Hallows’ Eve or All Hallows’ Evening.

12. Trick-or-treating began in areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland. People went house-to-house “souling” – asking for small breads called “soul cakes” in exchange for prayer. 

13. The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips.


This game is very entertaining to be able to play it with friends, it is that each has 2 opportunities to be able to throw 10 pines, in the game you have 5 turns to achieve the maximum score, in real life you have 10 turns. This game to improve your motor skills because here you have to occupy strength, agility and coordination.

In United states this game is found in many cities and where they play they do it with a league, then each team that wants to play and gets into the league and plays against the others and the one who wins the league wins a cup.

If you make the best score of the week you can earn some points for your country.



During the story of children animation movies, there were many companies which creates this kind of films and make great box office expenses, one of the most important is Walt Disney Company, a company who released many famous kids movies, especially in the called renaissance age between THE LITTLE MERMAID and TARZAN, here enter the successful movie of Disney BEAUTY and the Beast, which was released in 1991 and count with the musical collaboration of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

The plot of this movie is the following: in a french village a girl named Belle live happy as the cutest girl in the village, until one day his beloved father Maurice is capture by a Beast in a mysterious castle, so Belle take his father place and stay with this monsters, in this castle she discover that the enchanted personnel inside are real people and the Beast has a great heart and inside beauty, so Belle must turn this beast into a good person as well as his father from the hands of the hunter Gaston who wants to marry her somehow, but she don´t like him.

This movie was a great success in critics as in bow office and won many Oscars like Best original song and best original Score, beign nominated even in Best Picture and Best Sound. However this movie have a great legacy releasing sequels, a live action remake in 2017 and many other media related to Disney, including the theme parks. This movie is recommended to all ages as well as a familiar movie, that cause it have an important lesson to live: the real beauty in the inside one. So what are you waiting for, let´s go to the Beast castle and enjoy with this personnel and


Facts About Chile

18 of September is coming  and we are going to celebrate it as we should, here you have a few facts about our country:

1.- We have the world’s biggest swimming pool, located in Algarrobo.

2.- In Chile, you can find the driest place on earth, the atacama desert.

3.- Chile is a World Class Wine Destination, and the Ninth Largest Producer of Wine.

4.- Chile Has One of the Longest Coastlines in the World.

5.- The origin of the name Chile  may come from the indigenous Mapuche word “chili,” meaning “where the land ends.” It could also be based on the Mapuche imitation of a bird call which sounds like “cheele cheele.”

6.- Chileans are thesecond biggest consumers of bread in the world.  

7.- The largest earthquake ever recorded – a 9.5 on the Richter scale, was in Chile.

8.-  The colors and symbols on the Chilean flag stand for: White – the snow of the Andes Mountains; Blue – the sky and the Pacific Ocean; the star – guidance and progress; Red – the blood spilled in the fight for independence.

9.- Chileans are very warm people, so don’t be surprised if they give each other (and you) a peck on the cheek in greeting. It’s the Chilean way!

10.- Chile is the world’s longest country from north to south measuring at 4,620km

11.- There are approximately 90 active volcanoes in Chile.

12.- Pisco is Chile´s national drink.

13.- Outside of Spain, Chile has the largest library,  containing 1.8-million volumes.

14.- In Chile, the act of not wearing underwear  has been called “to go gringo-style”

15.- Chilean Patagonia is one of the cleanest places on the planet.

16.- The cueca, which resembles the mating ritual of hens and roosters, is the national dance of Chile.

17.- Chile is the best country in the world!!!

Have fun at the National Holidays!



During the story of the film industry, there were many movies which are adaptation of famous novels of all ages and genres, examples of them are the Hunger Games, The Lord of the Rings, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Maze Runner and many other. One of the most important is the Harry Potter movies based on the famous novel series of the british author J.K Rowling, the movie had 8 films throughout the last time and conclude with a great movie divided in 2 parts. the movie to talk is THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2, released in 2011.

In this movie Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley continue with the found of the horocruxes, parts of the soul of the evil Lord Voldemort and destroy them to defeat this enemy. This time the battle between good and evil take place in the enchanted castle of Hogwarts where many students go to study magic, the final mission to Harry is to duel and defeat Lord Voldemort and his Death Eather army, but to complete his destiny objetive he must sacrifice himself and take conscience of the most powerful magic objects, the Elder Wand, the stone of resurrection and the invisible cape, hope he can do this important mission .

This movie was a great success in critics as in box office and is the final chapter of the Harry Potter saga, after this movie come some media which continue the Harry Potter legacy, there are example like the theme parks in Universal Studios all around the world, toys, gifts, videogames, artefacts, and also new sequels in theatre as in cinema with Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. This movie is considered a familiar young movie because there are variety of creatures and magic tricks to learn from this famous movie. So what are you waiting for, lets go to the magic world and learn magic tricks to defeat the evil Lord Voldemort and help Harry Potter to save the world


6th and 7th Grade Infographics

Instructions for 6th and 7th grade Infographic Project:

Consider the example above. What makes it an infographic? What could you add to make it more informative?

1. Download the vertical or horizontal template to your computer:

Vertical Infographic

Horizontal Infographic

2. Create your infographic. You MUST include:

-one of the boxes with your names and teacher in a corner

-the box with the sources, in any place you prefer

3. When you are completely finished, upload the file to this link.



Fun Facts About India

This week we are celebrating India so here you have a few fun facts about this beautiful country.

1.- 100 million people come to India’s Kumbh Mela Festival, the world’s biggest gathering of humans.

2.- It’s illegal for foreigners to take Indian currency (rupees) out of India.

3.-  Breathing the air in Mumbai, India, for just one day is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.

4.- The world’s biggest family lives together in India: a man with 39 wives and 94 children.

5.-  70% of all the world’s spices come from India.

6.- A con man in India repeatedly “sold” the Taj Mahal, the Indian parliament and various other heritage sites. He was sentenced to 113 years but managed to escape prison 9 times. The last time, he was 84 years old.

7.- Only about 1 in 100 marriages in India end in divorce, one of the lowest rates in the world.

8,-  The Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India.

9.-  India’s Hindu calendar has 6 seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and prevernal.

10.- Police officers in one state in India are given a slight pay upgrade for having a moustache.

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