in 1995 a small group of animators decide to create a movie company, the founders were John Lasseter, Steve Jobs and Pete Docter. This company is named Pixar Animation studios and were the competence to Disney. However in the next years both companies unite and make DISNEY PIXAR, their first movie was an story of what the toys doing when the humans dont see them. the title was TOY STORY and was a great movie who won the best animation film and best original song ( you´ve got a friend in me )

The plot of this trilogy is a cowboy toy named Woody is the favorite toy and leader of Andy toys, all were good until Andy receive in his birthday a space ranger toy named Buzz Lightyear, so Woody try to take away Buzz because he don´t think he is a toy, during the movie Buzz realize this fact and decide to help Woody becoming great friends. The second is that Woody is taken from a toy maker and Buzz start a quest to rescue his before he goes to Japan until in the end the other cowboy toys come with him to play with Andy, the third is that Andy is preparing to go to college and the toys want to play again like before, they stop in a daycare where they need to adapt to evil toys who rule there.

This trilogy was a big success to the animators by the critics and the academy, around the world many children play and like the names of Slinky, Jessie, Bullseye, Ham, Rex and also Mr Potato Head. In other way the pixar company decide to do a series of shorts to continue the adventure of the toys in their new house since the end of Toy Story 3, this movie won the oscar of best animated film, the critics say that Toy Story 2 was a great example of sequel with original ideas. So what are you waiting for, let´s go to Andy room and play with our favourite characters.



During the year 2012 a guy named Scott Cawthon imagine a game located in a kid pizza restaurant, like the famous chuck e cheese restaurant, where the entertainment are animals animatronics who sing and move all around the restaurant but at night this characters take alive and become murderers to everybody in the restaurant, who will stop them?.This idea become the famous horror fright game FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY´S

The plot of the game is a night guard who need to keep the kid pizza restaurant FREDDY FAZBEAR PIZZA during 7 nights. The problems start when the animals characters ( A bear named Freddy Fazbear, a rabbit named Bonnie, a chicken named, a fox named Foxy and an old golden version of Freddy) move out of the stage to kill the night guard by introduce him to an animatronic suit. The player must stop them before they arrive to the control spot,others problems are the low battery of the door and cameras,so you need to be careful.

The success of the game make Scott take another 4 games with different plot but in the same time line, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS 2, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS 3 and finally FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS 4. However when scott say goodbye to the fans, he make another games in the plot, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS WORLD and FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS SISTER LOCATIONS. the people know the animatronics have became an attraction making toys, posters and many more brands with them, even a movie. so what are you waiting for, let´s play it.



Random but awesome facts

1. The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days.

2. The world’s deepest postbox is in Susami Bay in Japan. It’s 10 metres underwater.

3. In 2007, an American man named Corey Taylor tried to fake his own death in order to get out of his cell phone contract without paying a fee. It didn’t work.

4. The oldest condoms ever found date back to the 1640s (they were found in a cesspit at Dudley Castle), and were made from animal and fish intestines.

5. In 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York despite being dead — he suffered a heart attack mid-race, but his body stayed in the saddle until his horse crossed the line for a 20–1 outsider victory.

6. Everyone has a unique tongue print, just like fingerprints.

7. Most Muppets are left-handed. (Because most Muppeteers are right-handed, so they operate the head with their favoured hand.)


We Are All Sisters and Brothers

Last week the 2nd grade students visited the Hub with their religion teachers to finish their lesson “We are all sisters and brothers.” The students discussed how God made everything and everyone, and so even people who are different than us are our brothers and sisters.

First, we watched and discussed the awesome YouTube video “Ode to Earth” showcasing some of the most unique people and places in creation. Then, we identified ways we are different from one another in the class–some are the oldest in their family, and some are the youngest. Some have a pet dog, others do not. Some are taller than others, and we have different hair and different favorite colors. Students were challenged to find someone different than themselves in each category, and tell one another “God made you, and you are my brother/sister.”

Next, we considered people from around the world. Students looked at pictures around the classroom showing diverse families from many countries. After observing similarities and differences in the pictures, students marked a paper under each one with a colorful fingerprint to show “These are my brothers and sisters” while repeating the phrase. When they had used all ten fingers, they knew it was time to return to our circle. We discussed some of the things we saw that surprised us and remembered that God made all these people.

Finally, we reviewed a PowerPoint with faces inspired by the photographs of Jorge Brantmayer and recited to each image “This is my sister/brother because God made him/her.” Finally, students approached a projected wall of many faces, choose someone different from themselves, and recited the same phrase individually, marking that face with a post-it.


country jars and beads

New for 2017: International Party on Fridays

Each year, classes are assigned to different English-speaking countries to learn more about different parts of the world. This year, students from 1st through 6th grade who visit the Hub during the third recess can earn points for their English Day country by playing board games, watching movies and TV shows, reading books, and more. The country with the most points at the end of the week is invited to a special party during Friday’s recess! Students who have exemplary participation in their English class may also receive an invitation from their teacher.

Want to see how your country is doing? Come to the Hub and look at the beads in the jars! To know which country you represent, see the chart below. Note that these are the countries for English Day 2017, so you should start learning as much as you can about your country now!

Stay tuned in the future for opportunities for students in 7th grade and above to compete and represent their countries with special recess activities.

english day 2017 assignments

(Click on the chart to enlarge the image if you have difficulty reading it.)

monsters inc


During all it history, the PIXAR animation studios has released too many exciting and succesful movies and won much academy awards in several categories, BEST ANIMATED PICTURE, BEST ORIGINAL SONG and BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM. But today i will tell you one of it most famous movies, MONSTERS INC, a film which was released in cinemas all around the world in 2001.

The plot was the story of the classical expression that says behind the kids bedroom closet hide monsters who scare the kids while they are sleeping. So this monsters live in a world called monsterspolis and work to take energy with the childrens screams in a factory named MONSTERS INC. Two best friends named Sulley and Mike Wazowsky work in that factory quietly every day, until one day Sulley discovers that a little girl named BOO get inside the monsters world and the two pals must take BOO to her door before the other monsters discovers them and banizhed them out of MONSTERS INC.

This movie is too much fun to every ages and give the important message of fates your fears in every moment. In spite of losing the oscar of BEST ANIMATED PICTURE, won the oscars for BEST ORIGINAl SONG with I DIDN´t Have YOU, singed by JOHN GOODMAN and BILLY CRYSTAL.


jurassic park


For many generations, dinosaur impact the people around the world with the fossil and science about how this mythical creature rule during the mesozoic era, too much study for the greats museums and universities of the world. This topic was an inspiration to Michael Crichton, who wrote the sci fiction novel JURASSIC PARK in the XX century, this novel became an iconic film directed by Steven Spielberg, who also directed movies such as Indiana Jones, Jaws, E.T The extraterrestial, Close encounters of third kind and too many others, in 1993 and becoming a great movie with actors like Sam Neill, Richard Attenborough, Laura Dern,etc.. Also its include the participation of MIchael Crichton himself who wrote the screenplay and give right to Universal Studios.

The film tell the story of a millionaire who had a dream of a theme park with dinosaurs like attractions, to create the creatures he extract from pieces of Ambar, inside cretacic insects, dinosaur DNA and clone them, but hew need the approval of scientist and he contract the paleontologist Alan Grant and Paleobotanic Ellie Sattler, who were accompanied with chaos theorist Ian Malcolm and the lawyer Donald Gennaro. The visit of the park was too amazing to the experts, and the grandsons of John Hammond( the millionaire) also came. However the things start to fail in the moment that Dennis Nedry deactivate electrical control system and every dinosaur get free, also they attack and eat too many of the visitors. In the end only survive the kids, the scientist, Hammond and Malcolm. So they call an helicopter and evacuate the island.

This movie became a franchise and the universal producers make an appearance in games ( example: Jurassic Park Arcade). A complete area at every universal parks throughout the world, and also the film saga continued with The Lost World: JUrassic Park, Jurassic Park 3 and the recent Jurassic World. To Conclude this movie is a great adventure movie to all the family where the dinosaurs came alive in the future of an aspect called clonation, where you create an equal person with your own, or others genes.The lesson of this movie is to understand that you can´t be like god in any way, the cloning way was too much unnatural to create new species. So what are you waiting for, let´s watch this movie and enjoy a trip to Isla NUblar or called by many people as the place


Countries and capitals around the world

This game is about you have to guess which is the capital of each given country and with that names, fill in the words in the crossword. When you have completed the crossword puzzle, click Check Crossword to check your answers. If it is stuck, you can click on Track to get a free card.

With this game you can learn and know about the world and capitals of each country.
This game is very good and entertaining, I liked it a lot and it helped me to learn more.
If you find it very difficult you can ask a friend to help you and the two can solve it.



Fun ways to burn calories

There are many ways to burn calories, an average sized human will burn about 2400 Calories per day without doing any exercise. The results are based on an average 150 pound human.

-Laughing for 10 minutes can make you loose between 20 and 40 Calories.

-On average, if you walk your dog for 30 minutes, you burn 100 Calories.

-Banging your head against a wall uses 150 Calories an hour.

-One hour spent sitting in front of the TV burns around 65 Calories.

-Constant texting can burn 40 Calories per hour

-Singing in the shower can burn an extra 10-20 Calories per song, depending on the volume and pitch of your voice.

-On average, brushing your teeth for three minutes will burn 10 Calories

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