As much people knows this time has been the football classifications for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, every confederation is preparing to the challenge and in the South Américan confederation, CONMEBOL, it´s not behind, with multi-champions teams such as Brazil and Argentina.

But today is the turn of Chilean selection to play, the century bi-champion plays against the powerful Uruguayan selection, which won too many World Cups and Copa América throughout its story, however the chilean selection has had too many defeats and draws, only a few victories since the arrival of Juan Antonio Pizzi.

Today the match will be in Estadio Nacional in Santiago De Chile, at 20:00 hours, there will be a paraguayan referee, chilean selection MUST win this challenge to advance in the classification marks and go to RUSSIA world cup, Both teams got special players like Luis Suarez, Edison Cavani (Uruguay), Eduardo Vargas, Gary Medel (Chile).

Hope the match stay calm and get off the incidents


Sweeping with a tree!

SlopePoint2-compressorThe place is located to the south of New Zealand caller “Slope Point”, where the force of the oceanic wind hits hard and continuously, so the trees stopped fighting and began to grow in this way so original, giving the appearance of being swept by the wind.

Slope Point is not inhabited, there are only a few shelters built by farmers to protect animals from the hard winds. Very cool right?




This time there has been some presentations to the parents from the students of each groups, this shows was the elementary concert, secondary concert and too many others, also there will be a presentation of the theater class between thursday 10th and Monday 14th till the FESTIVAL in Verbo Divino School.

But today is the Chorus concert, where 130 students will sing some classics songs, this show will be at 19:30 hours in Sala Comunitaria Room, the main group is composed by students from the chorus class. directed by teacher Alejandro Abarca and will include and orchestra and a Lyric Party.

The show will be divided in two parts. First part is the turn of songs like: Take me to Church, I won´t give up, Don´t rain at my parade and others, Second part is the turn of Somebody to love, Veni Sancte Spiritus and to close a song from the musical movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC: Climb every mountain.


evolution timeline

11th Grade Biology

Life on our planet has a long and fascinating history… today your job is to investigate some important moments or stages in that history and put them in order.

1. In what order did vertebrates appear on Earth?

2. What is the significance of the archaeopteryx?

3. What relationship exists between the apparition of plants and animals?

4. When did humans appear?

5. Relate the era of the dinosaurs with the emergence of humans:



Alexis Sanchez by Diego A.

Hello today I am gonna talk you about Alexis Sanchez :

Alexis Alejandro Sanchez Sanchez , known as Alexis Sanchez or more simple Alexis. Is, in my opinion the best chilean footballer player with Arturo Vidal and Gary medel. Alexis play as a forward in one of the best teams in England: Arsenal. He plays with players like Mesut Ozil and Petr Cech. He use his number: 7 in Arsenal and in Chile . He has played in teams like cobresal, colo colo ,river plate, udinese and Barcelona. With Chile, he played 2 word cups and 3 copa america. In the last Copa America, he score the decisive penalty .

His birthday is in december 19 , 1988 (age 27). He was born in Tocopilla , His salary is about 11.5 million USD , his height is 1.69 m

By Diego Altamirano, from Miss Monica´s class


Saint Patrick´s Day by Consuelo C.

St. Patrick’s Day is a anual festival of Ireland that all the country take part and celebrate to Saint Patrick. The celebration is in March 17 to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick. It’s a national party in the Ireland Republic. This festival go on for five days and it’s celebrated in many countrys like Argentina, Spain and Mexico. Before 1903 this festival is only celebrated in Ireland but then, it was a world festival around the world. Saint Patrick’s Day it’s a world-wide festival celebrated in honor of St. Patrick of Ireland.


Dakar by Ignacio F.

The Dakar is a competition where the best racers in four categories; motorbikes, quads, cars and trucks and each one can be modified. The competition is divided in stages, one per day, of off-road in the desert and it’s the hardest competition in the category. Here the drivers need to complete the stage in the day and get ready for the next day non-stop for 2 weeks and 13 stages.

The experts in this rally have sponsor for getting spare parts ,some mechanics and the most important some money to pay the inscription.

The competition starts in 1978 when a group amateurs with-out organization, then this have been evolving until now.

By Ignacio F.

Centro Experiencial de Inglés del Colegio Padre Hurtado y Juanita de los Andes