Art Appreciation – 10th Grade Final English Evaluation

This year’s final project for 10th grade will be about evaluating art. Here are some useful links:

Rubric and Instructions

Remember that you have THREE things to prepare for:

The panel:

-Practice by looking up new examples of art on the internet and analyzing them with your friends. (You can see winning art from ArtPrize here.) Remember to make comments about all three “C’s” and learn relevant vocabulary to help you express your ideas.

The formal presentation:

-Prepare your powerpoint according to the instructions.

When you finish your PowerPoint for the individual Formal Presentation, INCLUDE YOUR TEACHER’s NAME AND YOUR CURSO IN THE FILE NAME, and please send it to the English Hub Website here. 

The vocabulary quiz:

-Complete the vocabulary worksheet by thinking of terms that are related to YOUR favorite kinds of art, or the art you might see in the panel. You can steal terms from Quizlet and use that website to study: Useful Vocabulary. 

You MUST have the original paper to complete the quiz. If not, you will receive a list of words from Mr. VanderZee based on the website.

See schedule below:

Aug 14 – LIBRARY – Introduction class with Joseph
Aug 16 – Research/study in Hub
Aug 19 (short classes) – Begin Panels in the classroom
Aug 20 – Research and panels in Hub
Aug 21 – Research and final Panels in Hub
Aug 23 – Presentations in classroom
Aug 26/27 (short classes) – Finish presentations in classroom
Aug 28 – vocabulary quiz
Aug 13 – LIBRARY – Introduction class with Joseph
Aug 15 – Research/study in Hub
Aug 16 – Research in Hub and Panels
Aug 20 –  Continue Panels in one classroom (in other classroom students can use iPads to research and practice their presentations, and study vocabulary).
Aug 22 – Presentations in classroom
Aug 23 –  Presentations in classroom
Aug 27 – vocabulary quiz

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