New for 2017: International Party on Fridays

Each year, classes are assigned to different English-speaking countries to learn more about different parts of the world. This year, students from 1st through 6th grade who visit the Hub during the third recess can earn points for their English Day country by playing board games, watching movies and TV shows, reading books, and more. The country with the most points at the end of the week is invited to a special party during Friday’s recess! Students who have exemplary participation in their English class may also receive an invitation from their teacher.

Want to see how your country is doing? Come to the Hub and look at the beads in the jars! To know which country you represent, see the chart below. Note that these are the countries for English Day 2017, so you should start learning as much as you can about your country now!

Stay tuned in the future for opportunities for students in 7th grade and above to compete and represent their countries with special recess activities.

english day 2017 assignments

(Click on the chart to enlarge the image if you have difficulty reading it.)

English day is coming!

The English day its going to take place the 25th of the present month. It will be full of activities and the Hub will give a great instance for learning. To have an idea of what would you be able to do, imagine that it is a kind of science fair but in English.

In my opinion, this is an awesome event that should have taken place a lot of years before because it gives the opportunity for improving the most important language in the world and having fun at the same time.

English Day Logo 1

Recess sets another record!

Tuesday the Hub set a new record during 3rd recess–89 student visitors! Our students particularly love the board games, the cartoons, and the computers–and most have done an incredible job of only speaking English and asking for help to say anything they do not know how to translate.20150313_142111

Students love the board game Clue.

20150313_142129The Disney channel show “Gravity Falls” is a big hit with the elementary school boys. They come back to see another episode (in English of course) every afternoon, even though there are no subtitles! Continue reading Recess sets another record!