Making Standardized Test Preparation More Fun!

8th graders and 10th graders have been visiting the English Experience Hub to complete practice activities for the PET and TOEFL with their English Teachers. The students have said the HUB provided a more relaxed and interactive environment for them to feel less bored and more engaged with the sample problems, whether oral or written. The 10th graders especially enjoyed creating sentence diagrams to better understand questions about whether the meaning of sentences with slightly different wording have the same meaning.

8th Grade History Students Learn about the US Revolution

Today one 8th grade history class came to the Hub for an engaging lesson about the American Revolution. They practiced relevant vocabulary with,


listened to a lecture about the path to independence,


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Students Register in the English Experience Hub

first week

This week several High School classes are visiting the Hub for the first time to sign up for our online platform,, and some also had time to play a game. Mr. Garfield, one of the teachers, said that the visit to the hub was “the best time the students have had in my class all year.”


Once students have completed the registration and agreed to the procedures and rules of the center, they will be invited to visit during recess, and come before and after school. There are English newspapers and magazines, games, cable TV, and online games and discussions for them to enjoy. And this is only the beginning!